Navy Federal Credit Union Routing Number

Navy Federal Credit Union is also called as Navy Federal. Navy Federal Credit Union is a United States credit union has its headquarters in Vienna, Virginia reserved and regulated by the National Credit Union Administration Authority. It is very simple to find Navy Federal Credit Union Routing Number. In United States Navy Federal Credit Union is one of the largest natural member or it is also called as reail member in terms of both assets size and in membership. According to one survey Navy Federal Credit Union has nearly $81 billion US dollars in terms of assets and close to seven million members.

Navy Federal was first established first in 1933, January 17th by the department employees credit union of the Columbia District(NDCU). Initially they used to allow only navy employees who has membership of Federal employees Union to join . In the year 1947, the credi union was disappeared and renamed as the federal credit union.

Navy Federal Credit Union hired with NCUA like a single sponsor credit union by acting as sponsor for the Department of Defense. Navy Federal is controlled by a group of volunteers, elected by from its members. Navy Federal Credit Union also has a distinct subsidiary, called Navy Federal Financial Group, Which is run as a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO).

Apart form Navy Federal Credit Union Routing Number it also provides services like savings accounts, IRA accounts, checking accounts and certificates.Navy Federal also provides consumer loans, mortgages, home equity lines of credit, credit cards as well as some mini business services etc.

Navy Federal is not a  company which is only limited to provide financial services but it also provide services in Military. Navy Federal credit union faces a tough competition from its competitors like Navy Army Federal Credit Union or Pentagon Federal Credit Union.

Navy Federal gives a 24×7 services and conducts its operations through its contact centers which are located at Pensacola, Florida, Vienna, Virginia and Wichester, Virginia these three centers are its largest contact centers which provides round the clock services to its customers.

Navy Federal  Routing Number or Navy Federal Transit Number for all kinds of electronic wire transfers like direct deposits or transferring money from one account to another account for domestic or International purposes is  256074974.

Navy Federal Routing Number plays a significant role in wire transfers or direct deposit transactions. You can also know the navy federal routing number and account number on your own Navy Federal Check.


On the lower part of the check you could find some digital number which are electronically printed. The numbers are divided into three sets. Each set represent certain number. The first set of numbers or left set of  numbers is called as Navy Federal Routing Number or Navy Federal Transit Number. The second set of numbers or middle set of numbers is called as a Account Number. Finally the last set of numbers is called as a check number of Navy Federal.

To send the money online to your beneficiaries of Navy Federal CU, You require the following

  1. Beneficiary Navy Federal Account Number which you would like to send the money.
  2. Name of the beneficiary according to Navy Federal account.
  3. Navy Federal Routing Number or ABA Routing Number of Navy Federal or Transit Number of Navy Federal which is 256074974.

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