Suntrust Routing Number

Suntrust Routing Number is very essential for any one who would like to wire transfers at national or international level. Before we provide the Suntrust Routing Number we would like give some essential information about Suntrust Banks.

Suntrust is also called as Sun Trust Banks, Inc., is one of the bank in United States. As of December 31, 2013 it has 175 dollars assets  and it is termed as largest subsidary bank in America. Sun Trust was established in 1891 and it is headquartered in Atlanta, United States.

According to the records of 2016 September Sun Trust Bank is operating around 1400 regional bank branches and it is also operating 2,160 ATMs across eleven Southeastern states Washington, D.C. The main services of Sun Trust bank includes deposits, credit cards, lending, trust and investment services with the help of its different subsidiaries, The Sun Trust Bank also provides  investment banking and corporate capital market services, wealth management and mortgage banking and it has 24,000 huge number of employees.

SunTrust present CEO is William H. Rogers, Jr. he is also chairman, President and CEO.

Suntrust Routing Number

Universal routing number of SunTrust bank for its checking account and it is also called as ACH Routing Transit number of SunTrust Bank is 061000104.

To do direct deposits you require SunTrust Bank Routing Number including the Suntrust bank account number. For wire transfers you need SunTrust Bank routing number, your beneficiary name, beneficiary account number, beneficiary mobile number to transfer funds. To receive funds through you require SunTrust Bank routing number of your bank, you need to provide your name, account number and mobile number  who ever is sending funds to you.

You could easily find the Suntrust Routing Number on your check which is issued by business or savings account check book issued to your by branch bank.


1.Financial Institution Routing Transit Number: SunTrust Routing number is a nine digit numerical code  which is located between two symbols. This number is very useful to find the you bank account branch and also to check the process center.

2.Account Number: This is your full suntrust bank account number (Without spaces and special characters). If you two different account so each account number will be separate number which would not be in sequence. Generally your personal SunTrust account number would be up to Thirteen digits.

3.ACH Routing Transit Number:Nine digits used to set up automatic wire transfer and payroll for direct deposits. This number is printed electronically on the bottom of the check which would be different from your account number. The new updated universal ACH Routing Transit number of Suntrust Bank is 061000104.

4.Check Number:Check Number comes handy when you would write a check and it is also very useful for beneficiaries for an electronic payment by phone, you should always use the number which is available next which comes in sequence after account number check number is a four digital code.

Routing Number Bank Address** State, Zip
055002707 SUNTRUST BANK 7455 CHANCELLOR DR ORLANDO Florida, 32809
084006952 SUNTRUST BANK MC 0-7150 ORLANDO Florida, 32809


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